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  • There is no Planet B: Oklahomans March for Science

    There is no Planet B: Oklahomans March for Science

    “Hey ho, ho hey, don’t defund the EPA! Hey ho, ho hey, don’t defund the EPA!” The chant rang out over the crowd. People young and old waved signs and posters. Dogs weaved in and out of the group, eagerly pulling on their leashes. Excited children ran ahead of their parents. The march was underway.

  • Relax Inn on Route 66 Provides Simple Life

    The Tamakuwala family owns the Relax Inn that is located on historic Route 66 in Vinita, Oklahoma. Throughout the calendar year many travelers embark on the classic American highway known as Route 66. Route 66 allows travelers to experience quaint and simple small towns. Chetan Tamakuwala, owner of the Relax Inn Motel in Vinita, Oklahoma,

  • Balancing Work and School: Local Café Owner Does It All

    Owning and operating a local business is hard enough on its own. Add being a full-time graduate student to this equation, and you have the rigorous life of Chris Le, owner and general manager of the Coriander Café. Tightly fit into the corner of Buchanan Avenue and White Street, the Coriander Café is a Vietnamese

  • Residential Colleges Seek Residents

    Residential Colleges Seek Residents

    Students at the University of Oklahoma fail to be dazzled by the university’s new upperclassmen housing option and its promise of upscale accommodations and a devoted academic community. Deterred by the model’s hefty price tag and resemblance to the freshman dorms, many students have opted to commute in favor of housing with additional amenities and

  • Student Organization Policy Updated

    Student Organization Policy Updated

    The University of Oklahoma has updated its Registered Student Organization policy after hearing complaints of preferential treatment. The new policy, which classifies every registered student group on campus into various categories and gives various privileges, will replace a roughly 30 year old classification system, said Clark Stroud, OU’s vice president for student affairs and the

  • OU Organizations Use the Arts to Unite

    Seven student organizations at the University of Oklahoma came together to create an event to unify people through various art forms. The first ever Unity in Arts Event was held on April 18, 2017 at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman. Multiple student organizations hosted the event, including the Student Government Association, Black Student Association,

  • Oklahoma City School For Homeless Children Begins Fundraising For New Building

    A elementary school for homeless children in Oklahoma City has recently started a campaign in order to raise funds for a new school building. Positive Tomorrows is the nation’s only private, tuition-free elementary school serving only homeless children, according to their website. Although the school has been around for 25 years, they have since outgrown

  • Helping the Neglected Youth

    By Jaron Spor Royal Family Kids Camp is a nationally known camp that helps with kids who have been abused, abandoned, and neglected. Royal Family has over 250 camps in 40 different states as well as 8 international countries. Rick Roberts and Sabrina Yaw started the first camp in 2006 after a person from California

  • State Parks Could Lose to Budget Cuts

    Almost half of Oklahoma’s State Parks are at risk of being shut down due to budget cuts. The state parks that are in the risk, were chosen due to their visiting numbers and amount of revenue being the lowest. One of these parks includes Lake Eufaula State Park. Eufaula is a small town, located right

  • Integrity Council Wants to be a Resource, Not an Enemy

    This past week has been “Integrity Week,” put on by the University of Oklahoma Integrity Council. Through several events, the council is trying to make an effort to get their name out there, and also even change their image. “We believe that if the student population knows that we are here for them, they are