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  • A Sooner abroad

        The University of Oklahoma engineering program is recognized nationally, but recently word of the program extended internationally, and Oklahoma receives more international students ready to participate in the engineering program at OU every semester. This fall semester, OU is seeing the participation of international students from all around the world. “I heard a

  • OU researchers go to extremes for hurricane data

    OU researchers go to extremes for hurricane data

    A University of Oklahoma graduate student and professor traveled to Florida the past week, sleeping in their cars to collect data from Hurricane Irma that will help predict future forecasts.   Ph.D student Addison Alford and meteorology professor Mike Biggerstaff drove to Fort Lauderdale, Florida last Wednesday, Sept. 6 hoping to collect enough information to


    By Cornelius Woodard Alex Reyes Brandon Martin   WAS NEWS COVERAGE OF IRMA MORE INTENSE BECAUSE OF HARVEY?   Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm that caused unspeakable catastrophe to lives of the ones who lived in Houston. The damage and intensity was unexpected, and we believe this is what caused more news coverage of  Hurricane

  • 5 Facts, 5 Quotes #3

    5 Facts, 5 Quotes #3

    Freshman Claire Copeland gives her opinion on whether or not she believes undocumented children should have to go back to their home country. Freshman Gabe Carter discusses his views on DACA and gives us his reasoning on why he believes undocumented children should be able to stay in America. Senior Austin Thole briefly explains his

  • OU students share their thoughts on DACA

    Paul Pierce shares his thoughts on the DACA repeal. Genevieve Horvath shares her thoughts on DACA and OU Dreamers. Lauren Johnson talks about child immigrants and DACA. Madilyn Cook shares her opinions on DACA being repealed. Liz Romero shares her thoughts on DACA and OU Dreamers.

  • Students Brave Crowds for Library Study Spots

    With just a few days left in the semester, OU students are taking to every study spot available to cram for their final tests. One of campus’ most popular spots is the Bizzell Memorial Library. The library’s many floors are almost completely full from deadweek through finals. Several students spoke about why they choose to

  • Nostalgic Norman Business

    Guestroom Records offers new and used vinyl albums to the Norman community. Collectors can find their favorite music from the 1970s or even a Taylor Swift album. The wide selection at Guestroom caters to all nostalgic music lovers. The niche business on Main St. sits next to the popular Syrup Breakfast Boutique. OU sophomore and

  • OU Students Overwhelmed During Dead Week

    For OU students, “Dead Week”, often is not really any different from any other week during the school year, even though the week, which comes prior to finals, is supposed to ease students into final exams. Freshmen anthropology major Madison Roberts and junior health and exercise science major Pablo Fisher both have seen firsthand how

  • Finals week

    Finals week has arrived on University of Oklahoma’s campuses.  At Gaylord Hall, students are hitting the books and computers getting ready for finals.. After finishing up study guides during dead week last week, sophomore Kyle Payne, is prepared for this week’s tests. Senior Cara Kelley is finishing up her capstone project to present to her

  • OU College of Dentistry Offers Low-Cost Service for the Community

    OU College of Dentistry Offers Low-Cost Service for the Community

    OU dental students are taking their skills to the mouths of actual patients in a student program that provides dental care for eligible members of the community. In the OU College of Dentistry, students are able to treat patients under the direct supervision of faculty. Potential patients are screened beforehand to make sure their needs are