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  • OU Students Take a Stance on DACA

    OU Students Take a Stance on DACA

      Junior Michael Pullin discusses his stance on Trump’s plan to end DACA. Hogan Gore an undecided sophomore said that while he doesn’t know much about the DACA situation it is “sad.” OU Cru employee Alicia McGraw discusses the situation DACA recipients will face if Trump ends the program. Sophomore journalism student Addison Kliewer talks

  • Sooners discuss DACA

    Sooners discuss DACA

    DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is an immigration policy that was implemented by the Obama administration in 2012. After being pressured by multiple state attorneys general for months, the Trump administration announced on September 5 that DACA would be rescinded. This policy change has been a topic of discussion around campus and some Sooners are

  • 5 Facts, 5 Quotes #3

    5 Facts, 5 Quotes #3

    Freshman Claire Copeland gives her opinion on whether or not she believes undocumented children should have to go back to their home country. Freshman Gabe Carter discusses his views on DACA and gives us his reasoning on why he believes undocumented children should be able to stay in America. Senior Austin Thole briefly explains his

  • OU Students Share Their Opinions About DACA

    OU Students Share Their Opinions About DACA

    by Molly Kruse and Taitum Wilson   DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was instituted in 2012 by the Obama administration. Since then, nearly 790,000 undocumented immigrants, often called “Dreamers,” have used it to stay at school or work in the U.S. and avoid deportation. However, on Sept. 5, 2017, the Trump administration announced it