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  • Residential Colleges Seek Residents

    Residential Colleges Seek Residents

    Students at the University of Oklahoma fail to be dazzled by the university’s new upperclassmen housing option and its promise of upscale accommodations and a devoted academic community. Deterred by the model’s hefty price tag and resemblance to the freshman dorms, many students have opted to commute in favor of housing with additional amenities and

  • Faculty-in-residence raise their children in dorms.

    After karate practice six-year-old Stella Siler returns to eat dinner with her dad at a University of Oklahoma residence hall, she calls home. Stella lives in Walker Center with her parents, Cameron and Jessi Siler, who are faculty-in-residence for OU. Cameron Siler is an Assistant Professor of Biology and an Assistant Curator of Herpetology while