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  • Nostalgic Norman Business

    Guestroom Records offers new and used vinyl albums to the Norman community. Collectors can find their favorite music from the 1970s or even a Taylor Swift album. The wide selection at Guestroom caters to all nostalgic music lovers. The niche business on Main St. sits next to the popular Syrup Breakfast Boutique. OU sophomore and

  • Norman staple threatened by ongoing local construction

    Norman staple threatened by ongoing local construction

    Extensive Norman construction projects are threatening the survival of a local restaurant that has brought Indian flavors to town for almost 40 years. Misal Bistro, located on Ed Noble Parkway between Main Street and Lindsey Street, has lost a significant customer base since construction began on the Lindsey Street bridge in 2016, said restaurant co-owner

  • Penny Hill Moving Away from Lindsey St. Construction

    Penny Hill Deli has served subs, soups and salads on West Lindsey Street since 1974. The store changed hands two times before Pamela and Gary Graham purchased it in 2003. Jaci, Gerritt, and Ayram are the three children of Pamela and Gary. The Graham children have been a driving force in the success of Penny

  • Residential Colleges Seek Residents

    Residential Colleges Seek Residents

    Students at the University of Oklahoma fail to be dazzled by the university’s new upperclassmen housing option and its promise of upscale accommodations and a devoted academic community. Deterred by the model’s hefty price tag and resemblance to the freshman dorms, many students have opted to commute in favor of housing with additional amenities and

  • The Grind – Second Wind Coffee acts as campus hotspot for diverse community

    Nestled on the West side of Buchanan Ave near Campus Corner, Second Wind Coffee House appears to be just like any other coffee shop. But the atmosphere inside the walls makes the small blue building stand out among the rest. Classified as a non-profit organization, Second Wind is run by a volunteer staff that recommends

  • New Club Rolls into OU

    By: Lauren Linville The University of Oklahoma added a roller derby club to the long list of student organizations this past year. The club is a branch of the Oklahoma Victory Dolls Roller Derby team. Cheyenne Riggs, an OU faculty member, started the club at OU and said she wants the club to expand, however,

  • Donut Shop Owner Perseveres Despite Tragedy

    Donut Shop Owner Perseveres Despite Tragedy

    NORMAN, OKLAHOMA – The bell clangs as a customer pushes through the door. “What can I get you?” the woman behind the counter asks with a smile. The customer does not know that the woman’s husband has been in a coma for five years. The customer orders a dozen glazed donuts. The woman is Dipti

  • Norman Police Department First Oklahoma Agency to Join Police Data Initiative

    Norman Police Department First Oklahoma Agency to Join Police Data Initiative

    The Norman Police Department just became the first law enforcement agency in Oklahoma to join the Police Data Initiative. The initiative derives from the Task Force on 21st Century Policing created by President Obama in late 2014 and will make more data available to the public. Sarah Jensen, NPD Public Safety Information Officer, said the

  • Annual Medieval Fair Attracts Guests from All Over the Nation

    Norman residents as well as people from all across the country visit the annual Medieval Fair in Norman, OK on March 31. Take a step back in time and see the lords, ladies, knights and dragons dressed to impress and eager to meet others just like them. The 41st annual Medieval Fair will be open

  • Off the beaten path Mexi-diner cultivates a loyal following

    Off the beaten path Mexi-diner cultivates a loyal following

    Juan and Elayne Herrera opened Juan del Fuego’s restaurant five years ago, tucked away in a shopping strip center west of I-35. Juan is best known for his reputation at the Diner where he cooked for seventeen years. After Mark Amspacher, the owner of the Diner died, Juan and Elayne left the Diner to open