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  • Luongs Were Drivers for OKC Asian District Creation

    Luongs Were Drivers for OKC Asian District Creation

    Residents of Oklahoma City know to get the best pho or exotic fish in town: head to 23rd and Classen. The area is known as the Asian District, but few know the story of how the moniker became official. The family owners of Super Cao Nguyen, the largest international market in the city, dreamed up

  • A School with a Mission

      Growing rates of adolescent substance abuse is causing one school to take a stand. Mission Academy High School is a recovery high school in Oklahoma City that helps students struggling with substance abuse. The academy itself helps students to get their diplomas while also offering clinical counseling, support groups, weekend programming and therapy. Maggie

  • Integrity Council Wants to be a Resource, Not an Enemy

    This past week has been “Integrity Week,” put on by the University of Oklahoma Integrity Council. Through several events, the council is trying to make an effort to get their name out there, and also even change their image. “We believe that if the student population knows that we are here for them, they are

  • March Fires in Oklahoma

    March in Oklahoma proved to be one of the worst months for wildfires that the state has seen. It began with the ignition of four large fires on March 6 that were labeled the “Northwest Oklahoma Complex.” The fires were responsible for destroying 779,292 acres of land along the northwest Oklahoma and southern Kansas border.

  • An Unconventional Road To Success

    Freddy Gramajo moved to Oklahoma from Guatemala with essentially no experience in selling technology and with no ability to speak English. That, however, did not stop him from following an unlikely path to success. “When I came to Oklahoma, I was doing something different. I was a welder,” said Gramajo, the owner and founder of